Personal Testimonies
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Thumbnail Year Name and Description
June 2009 Stories from the Heart:  Meet Hayley.
Photo of Hayley and Mom.
July 2000  Anna Beth Lester "I'm giving back.":  Meet Anna.
Nov. 1993  Dennis Grant--Blood donors saved his life; now he gives back Meet Dennis. 
2007  Jane Kuczma--A woman of the world:  Meet Jane.
2007  Juanita--A very grateful mom:  Meet Juanita.
Kristin--"I am alive today thanks to blood donors.":  Meet Kristin.
2001  Mark Barnett--Tough guy with a tender heart Meet Mark.
2007  Maureen Scanlon-- Blood donors save mother's life Meet Maureen.
2007  Rito Delgado--He donates blood because he remembersMeet Rito.
2003  Rob Sitek-- "More than 140 blood donors helped save my life ..”:  Meet Rob.
2007  Suzanne Lewis Cranford--A rough beginning with a happy ending Meet Suzanne Lewis.
2007  Zoe Kay--People like Zoe Kay need your help:  Meet Zoe.