How to Join

Flights For Life, Incorporated (FFL) requires minimum qualifications to join the organization, see below to see if you meet the requirements. Click here to download an application.


    • Pilots must possess:
      • A valid and Current FAA pilot Certificate
      • Either a valid and current FAA medical certificate, or qualify under BasicMed
    • To fly PIC on day cargo missions, pilots must have:
      • 100 Hours as PIC
      • 25 Hours cross-country
      • 5 Hours minimum time in aircraft make and model to be flown
        • If in high performance aircraft, 10 Hours minimum
    • Note: before flying night cargo missions, you must meet the following minimum requirements.
      • 300 Hours as PIC. If you have and instrument rating - 200 hours as PIC.
      • 50 Hours cross-country
      • 30 Hours at night. If you have an Instruments Rating - 15 hours at night.
    • Your application package will include:
      • Completed and signed application and waiver.
      • Copies of:
        • Your Airman Certificate, front and back.
        • Either your Medical Certificate of your BasicMed Physician checklist and Certificate of Completion of the BasicMed Medical Education Course.
        • Logbook pages, demonstrating that you meet the Flights for Life flight time requirements for pilots.
        • Logbook page with your current Flight Review, or
        • A copy of your FAA Wings Certificate or Proficiency/Flight Review.
        • Logbook page or pages demonstrating that you meet FAA Recency of Experience Requirements.
        • $40 check, payable to Flights for Life. This is your initiation fee.

    • Mail your package to:
      Flights for Life, Inc.
      P.O. Box 26485
      Phoenix, AZ 85068-6485
      OR E-Mail your package to:
      E-mail your complete package (pdf only) to
      Mail your $40 check to the address on the left.